Pre-nuptial Agreements (pre-nups) are gaining in popularity.   There are many reasons to have one.   It is not a sign of distrust but the start of a conversation.  Discussing a pre-nup can answer many important questions about how you intend to conduct your marriage.  A pre-nup can address:

  • Do you spend or save money?   Does one of you lean more one way that the other?  What happens if that is case?  How does the saver protect assets from the spender.
  • What happens to debt?
  • What about property acquired during the marriage?  What happens if you sell it and buy something else during the marriage?
  • Adding your new spouse's name to any title or making a beneficiary of any asset?
  • Protect both partners, regardless of income.

A good attorney can help you have this conversation without starting a fight with your spouse to be.  Do not use a form off the internet. A form agreement may not carry out your wishes as you intend.   In Maryland even a poorly written agreement can be upheld as long as the process was fair.   If you need to use it in the future, you may have to live with the consequences.   Ensure you have the best agreement possible, consult a lawyer.

A pre-nuptial agreement should be part of your advanced wedding planning as it should be completed well before your big day.  Just as you book the venue, you should book your consultation with your lawyer.  Schedule your free no obligation consult today by clicking the link below.

For a free no obligation review of your pre-nuptial agreement if you have already created one, click the link below to schedule your appointment today.   Any advice given for a review will be based on only the information you provide, rather than a complete investigation of all issues.  Such a review does not create an attorney-client relationship with the attorney reviewing the document.

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